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  • OCI C++ Library

    The goal of the OCI C++ Library is to provide a simple interface to Oracle. It features support for Oracle 8 and 8i, BLOB/CLOB support, ROWID, REFCursor's and Nested Tables. In addition there is full support for all types except REF's, Named Data types and Long. The Long type is supported, but only at a maximum length of 4K bytes.See the documentation for additional limitations.

    The easy to use interface provided by this library is similar to JDBC and lets you operate in terms of Connection/Cursor model. Binding of cursors, rowid, strings and numbers is also supported.

    OCI C++ Lib should become a part of my next project OraArt - a powerful tool to run administrative tasks with Oracle. It should be written using qt as a GUI lib and should use OCI C++ lib to work with Oracle. I want to implement a great number of functions and want it similair to DB Artasian and SQL Navigator. OCI C++ Lib is a first stage of the main project that consists of 3 stages:

    1) OCI C++ Lib. The goal is to implement easy to use interface to Oracle

    2) Since OCI C++ Lib depends on Oracle libs the current requirement is for you to have Oracle installed on your local system. To break down this limitation we need library what can work without Oracle libs. The only way is to write a server what should be started on host what have oracle already installed and client lib what should have stubs for all of OCI C++ Lib and just forward requests to server.

    3) Finally, writing a GUI interface and working with Oracle using lib of stage 2

    At the moment I need a guru's help. :) Currently I have problems with automake so if anyone can help me please do it.
    Hope you'll enjoy it.
    Regards Alexander I. Olefirenko

    nechaeff 2000