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OCI C++ Library


Version 0.5.0 (10.06.2001 20:00)
	Fixed SegFlt bug under solaris (Alexander Olefirenko)
	Make OraError more properly    (Arthur Rabatin)
	Added support Oracle Advanced Queueing (Delaporta Michael)
Version 0.4.5 (05.04.2001 13:00)
	This version features successfull compilation for RedHat 7.0 (Alexander Olefirenko)
	Added support fot BLOB binding (IN/OUT) (Alexander Olefirenko)
	Fixed bug in cursor : wasn't cleaning bindings map (Alexander Olefirenko)
Version 0.4.4 (23.01.2001 21:00) 
	Added support for Temporary Lobs.(Oracle 8i and later only!)
	Futher BFiles support.
	Small fixes.
	Added documentation to distribution. (Alexander Olefirenko,Sven Meyer)
Version 0.4.3 (09.01.2001 12:00) 
	Added support for BFiles.
	Fixed Date bug.Internal Changes.Changed interface a little.
	Consult documentation for details. (Alexander Olefirenko) 
Version 0.4.1 (26.10.2000 20:00)
	Now using automake/libtool for this project (Alexander Olefirenko , Eric Sammer )
	From now on you should add -lcommon -lcore4 -lnlsrtl3(do not change order...)  to your LD_FLAGS 
	Fixed Memory Leaks (Alexander Olefirenko)
Version 0.4.0 (19.09.2000 11:00)
	Added prefetch feature for all types.
	Now can be specified number of rows to prefetch (Alexander Olefirenko)
	Some changes in getInt getDouble getStr - now null 
	indicator and null value if nul can be passed in (Alexandr Nozdrin)
Version 0.3.10 (14.09.2000 12:00)
	Changed interface to bind (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Changed AUTHORS Alexandr Nozdrin added (Alexander Olefirenko). 
	Added new get<Type> functions returning string int and double (Alexandr Nozdrin).
	Added isNull returning 1 if null (Alexander Olefirenko)
Version 0.3.9 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Now bind support output string from procedures
	and functions.New bugs fixed.
	Special Thanks to Alexandr Nozdrin 
	for his bug replies.Alexandr Nozdrin
	 added to developers.
Version 0.3.8 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Changed bind calls: now understand null's 
	on output. 
	Some bugs fixed
Version 0.3.7 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Bugs in Cursor fixed 
Version 0.3.6 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Bugs fixed
Version 0.3.5 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Bugs fixed
version 0.3.4 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Fixed Bug in Cursor.cpp 
	Stmt handle could be not allocated in some cases
Version 0.3.3 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Fixed bug in Makefile OraNumber.h
	wasn't in the list of headers to install
Version 0.3.2 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Added support for nested tables.
	Added help command in demo programm
	Fixed possible link errors in makefiles
	in ocicpp and demo dirs
Version 0.3.1 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Added support for ref cursors.
Version 0.3.0 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Added support for fetching and binding rowids
	new method 
	bind(param_name,RowID &rid)
	Added bind capabilies.
	int,double and string can by binded
	added Connection method prepare(sql,cursor)
	and Cursor methods execute() - executes sql 
	0 or 1 time for select or non -select statements
	bind(param_name,string val);
	bind(param_name,int val) 
	bind(param_name,double val);
Version 0.2.5 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Changed inner class organization
	For all Oracle types new Abstract class 
	OraType added.New Classes added :
	OraString OraDate OraRaw OraLob OraLabel 
	OraDummy OraNumber
	Support for Raw Long Raw MLSLABEL added
	New methods getSec,Min,Hour,Day,Month,Year and 
	getStrMon added for columns of type Date
Version 0.2.0 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Added BLOB/CLOB Support
	Added some new method for descibing select-list
	Some bugs fixed. Seems some bugs added...
Version 0.1.0 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	SegFault on fetch after insert,delete,update bug fixed
	Added transaction support.Now supproted first two types of transaction as described 
	in Oracle Call Interface Programmers Guide:
	1) Implicit transactions , starting after first modification in database
	2) Serializable and readonly transactions with higher isolation level
	Numerous of minor changes was done to solve possible problems with memory allocation.
	Such as added execQuery(query,Cursor &cur) and execUpdate and so on.
	There's a small amount of documentation now at
Version 0.0.4 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Added Oracle 8i compatibility.
	Some code cleanup.
Version 0.0.3 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	Changed interface to get<Type> functions - 
	they all have two parameters col and val 
	returns nothing and raise an exception if col null or not exists or cannot be converted to type 
	execQuery and execUpdate now takes string as an argument 
Version 0.0.2 (Alexander I. Olefirenko)
	For numbers takes precision to determine actual length
	for number if prec is 0 assume it 255.
Version 0.0.1 (Alexander I. Olefirenko) 
	First public release.

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